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Excerpt from "Southern Sounds #44: Howlin' Wolf and Dyin' Dog"

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Excerpt from “Southern Sounds #44: Howlin' Wolf & Dyin' Dog”

Hey everybody! Unfortunately we do not have a new episode of Home Age Conversations today, but we do have a fun surprise instead. Recently we were invited onto another podcast, Southern Sounds with Sweeper Dupree, to talk about the mysterious Alvin Snow (aka Dyin' Dog) and The Residents' effort to bring him back into the spotlight. We weren't planning on discussing Alvin Snow's work on its own any time soon since our focus is pretty much exclusively on The Residents, but we were really thrilled when we got invited to talk all about these uncovered demos on Southern Sounds. It was probably for the best that we got forced to talk about this stuff before The Residents' own covers of these songs come out and totally change our perception of the originals.

Although originally we were just planning on plugging this episode in our upcoming holiday bonus episode, due to creative differences between us and the Southern Sounds with Sweeper Dupree podcast, we have decided to upload this excerpt here onto our main feed and website. Hope you enjoy!

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